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From the Board - November / December 2017
Posted on May 19th, 2017

We open the evening with executive session. This part  of the meeting is where the board discusses anything that needs to be addressed on homeowner accounts. If a homeowner has requested to come meet with the board to discuss their account, this is when they will come see us.  Executive session is confidential, and only the board members, management company and homeowner are present for such discussion; and the conversation, as well as the minutes, remain confidential.
After executive session is closed, we begin general session. General session is open to any homeowner that would like to attend a meeting. At this meeting, we go over the financials and address things that need addressing, from pools, landscaping, irrigation to needing light bulbs replaced. If we are seeking bids for different projects, our property manager will present her research and we will discuss those bids and make our selection. It's day-to-day business basically. We will end the meeting by setting up the date and time of the next meeting.
Our annual meeting date has not been selected yet, but it will be in February of 2018. At that time, we will hold board elections. As of now, I believe there will be two openings on the board. I will not be returning to the board, as well as John Cantleberry. Information will be emailed out in January regarding this meeting, along with an invite for any homeowner to run for the board of directors.
I would encourage you to think about running. It's very informative to understand how everything works, and you will have all your questions answered. They are two-year terms. The board meets monthly to every six weeks, as well as communication via email when something requires immediate attention. You can still do this job comfortably working full-time.
Board members receive no special attention and are subject to the same guidelines as all homeowners. A board member should be somebody that can work well with others, be a team player, be dedicated and committed to serving, be responsive when things need addressed, have an ability to listen to others and be discreet.
Please consider running for election this coming year. It's a great learning experience to understanding the workings of our HOA. If you have any questions, please contact me through the management company.
Happy Fall, everyone.
Shelly Owens, HOA president