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Message From the HOA President
Posted on Jun 27th, 2019

I imagine most of us had no trouble smelling the wonderful grilled faire from our friends at Flat-Iron Grill. The snow cones from Kona Ice were a " lovely new addition that was a big hit on such a perfect night. 
It was wonderful seeing all of you, and I want to thank those who attended or just came by for the "vittles" for your participation. The event was well-attended and was the best way for us to celebrate some community together in these times of social distancing. A burger and a hotdog with neighbors went a long way towards re-creating some much-needed sense of community.
In keeping with the evolving sense of community, the Board is pleased to announce that we will soon break ground on new "monuments" demarking our community, the first in 20 years. We hope all of you will appreciate the intent to mark the reaches/entries of the community. Styled after the entry at Stewart Boulevard, these new entryway markers will be brick and cast stone, with the signature heron/crane logo of our community.
With fall has come the end of the pool season. The Adult Pool will be undergoing some repairs of a suspected leak along with a new drainage solution. The Family Pool's pump will be upgraded. The sprinklers are all being evaluated and likely will result in a few upgrades to more modem controllers in the months ahead.
On behalf of the HOA Board, I want to thank all of you for your patience and support regarding the use of the pools this year. We have learned a number of lessons we will take with us into the annual budgeting exercise this year. We sincerely hope the community will answer the call for volunteers for a new Pool Committee to help guide with needed operating standards/guidelines and suggestions (new slides) for the Family and Adult Pools. We need your input and participation.
I'm excited about what the winter will bring and hope all of you are as well as we prepare for the voting, trick-or-treating and Holiday season. If you look at the main entrance monument, I want to draw your attention to the lovely decorations placed this year. Thank you, Shelly and Jim Owens, for your efforts in transforming it into fall colors!
I hope many of you will follow suit and that you will enjoy decorating this year, transforming our neighborhood once again into the Spookiest one in all The Colony. Please take care this year with the little ones who will be out; they need your attention and care more than ever!
On behalf of your HOA Board, Happy Halloween! And Happy Thanksgiving!